Catholic Church is Against Abortion

Abortion is a widely debated issue in this country and all over the world. Many groups and organizations have taken a stand for or against terminations. By far the most vehement defender of the anti abortion component is the Catholic Church. Notoriously conservative regarding sexual and reproductive issues, the Catholic Church has been waving the anti termination banner for many years. The reason why the Catholic Church is considered pro life lies within the sacred manuscript for all Christians, the Bible. This ancient text does not have any specific passages that deal directly with the termination of a pregnancy—although it was practiced during the time of Jesus and even Abraham—there are numerous passages that can be interpreted in supporting the argument.

The first reason why the Catholic Church has taken a firm stand against this issue is the belief that life begins with conception. Since the moment the egg and sperm combine, life is formed; therefore ending the pregnancy by termination is considering ending a human life. The Bible is outspoken regarding the taking of a human life, and has several passages where children or even babies are killed. Pope John Paul II was incredibly outspoken on the topic, as has his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI.

Traditionally, the Catholic Church has been against birth control of any form. This thinking has dwindled as the years have gone by and now most Catholics practice one form of birth control or another. The Church has realized the best way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, and ultimately a possible abortion, must be by using the correct birth control methods. Seemingly the lesser of two evils, the Catholic Church has downgraded their stance against birth control measures in exchange for a solid stance against termination. Ultimately, the Catholic Church’s stance has been fortified by years of anti abortion sentiment coupled with a stoic presence held by the Pope. The political aspect of this issue is not as concerning as the moral aspect, as the Catholic Church wishes individuals of their faith to respect human life in its highest form.