Helping Your Child with an Abortion Essay

The topic of abortion is widely contested and viciously argued over all over the world. In this country, this hot button topic is a major player in political, religious, and ethical debates by a great many individuals. Arguments about this topic can be found in all areas of the government from the House and Senate floor to the courtroom to the White House. This discussion has even made its way into the school room as many teachers assign children of all ages to complete an essay on the subject for one reason or another. This essay may be about the technical aspects of procedures for science class or the ethics for philosophy or other classes. History classes often assign essays so children can understand the history of important Supreme Court cases, such as Roe versus Wade or government or civics classes question the impact the subject has on the government. When your child comes home with an assignment, you should strive to assist him or her by researching all possible information.

When your child is assigned an abortion essay, help him or her research the topic thoroughly. Instead of allowing your own thoughts or ideas to influence his or her way of thinking, allow your child to make his or her own decision after learning all the facts. You can guide your child into making a opinion by ensuring he or she has all necessary information presented in a clear manner, but you cannot enforce your opinion on your child.

Set up interview opportunities for your child so that he or she can speak with religious officials, Planned Parenthood employees, physicians, or women who have been faced with the decision before. Learning first hand from these individuals will allow your child to complete the abortion essay assignment and form their own opinions on an important topic. Allowing your child to research and discover his or her feelings on the topic of abortion will create a sense of importance in his or her own life and boost self confidence. Additionally, your child may know what decisions she wants to make if she should find herself faced with a pregnancy and unsure how to continue.