Post Abortion Counseling

Women who seek an abortion find themselves in a situation where they are unwilling or incapable of carrying a child to term. For a number of reasons, women are allowed legally to seek this option as long as they fall within the certain specifications regarding the gestation period of the pregnancy. Women are not legally allowed to receive a termination after their 20th week of the gestation of the pregnancy, or in the third trimester. This decree was made in late 2003 and was signed into law as the Partial Birth Abortion Ban of 2003. Many women take great care in considering all their options when faced with an unwanted pregnancy, but do not consider seeking counseling after the procedure has been done.

Individuals who carefully investigate all available options and medical procedures often fail to investigate options for counseling. This counseling is necessary and should be undertaken in all cases where a woman is seeking a termination. There are a variety of options for counseling. These options include professional one on one counseling, group counseling, and support groups. Determine which of these options is best for your specific wants and needs before you begin your counseling program. Some individuals do better with group counseling, whereas others find more success with one on one counseling, especially if they are afraid of speaking or sharing in groups.

If you find yourself short on funds and do not have the necessary money available to pay for counseling, consider joining a support group. Support groups are composed on individuals in your current situation or who have been in your current situation in one point or time. These individuals provide a close knit group that you can look towards for providing counseling after your abortion. Additionally, support groups are excellent resources for women who are looking into having a termination but have not yet made up their minds if that option is best for them. Speaking with women who have been there and experienced a termination is an excellent opportunity to discover if an abortion is right for you.