Radical Anti Abortion Activity

The hot button issue of abortion has many intense feelings and responses on both sides of the coins. Anti, as well as pro, advocates often engage in heated arguments that can result in explosive attitudes and potentially violent behavior. Often, protests that are meant to be peaceful and information often turn ugly quickly as opposing individuals decide to debate manners with fists or weapons instead of words. These radical individuals that participate in pro or anti activity are usually misinformed with the information and issues since they refuse to listen to any information that is other than what they want to hear.

Quite often, radical pro or anti abortion activity can turn deadly. The most well known of this activity deals with anti abortion groups that harm family planning clinics or doctors offices that perform these operations. Additionally, these groups have been known to harm physicians that provide women seeking terminations with surgical or medicinal options. In many cases, these women seek terminations due to the alarming circumstances of the conception—including rape, abuse, or incest—or fears for their own personal health if the pregnancy is allowed to advance to term. These women, who are dealing with enough pressure and are often in a fragile emotional state, are heckled as they enter the clinic of doctors office before the termination is performed.

There have been numerous events where family planning clinics or doctor’s offices have been bombed or even burned to the ground by radical anti groups. In many cases, these illegal and horribly dangerous activities have proved to be deadly. Patients, doctors, nurses, and even passers by have been wounded or killed by fire or bomb blasts from these illegal events. In many cases, the radical individual or group neglected to correctly research the clinic or physician’s office, which also provides necessary prenatal care for pregnant women seeking care for themselves and their unborn children.

Most pro or anti organizations sincerely strive for peaceful methods of expressing their feelings towards the issue of abortion; however, there are individuals and radical groups that strive to create discourse and violence in order to get their ideas on terminations across. The pro or anti abortion argument should not be influenced by this radical activity, nor should you make your decisions regarding termination based on the incorrect activity of a few.