What Are Abortion Alternatives

If you find yourself pregnant and wondering what options are available besides abortion, there are a wide variety of alternatives available to you. Be careful to review all possible alternatives before you decide which one best fits your needs and situation before you hastily make a decision you might regret in the future. When you find yourself pregnant, speak with your partner, since you may want to make the decision a mutual one. If you and your partner decide to stay in each other’s lives, then the decision should definitely be mutual, since the father of the child has a say. Allow the male participant to voice his opinion regarding the outcome of the pregnancy, but in the end, the decision is yours since it is your body. If the male is no longer a part of your life or you do not wish the male to be a part of your life, seek help from friends or family members. Allow other individuals who play an active position in your life to assist you when making the decision of what to do. However, you should not let these individuals make the decision for you, as it is yours and yours alone. You do not want to regret a decision made by someone else in the future.

There are many alternative measures that will allow you to continue on with your pregnancy and maintain the life of the unborn child. Many individuals have one reason or another where they do not wish to seek an abortion and thus end the pregnancy. If you are capable of caring for the child yourself, consider having the child. This unplanned pregnancy may be a blessing in disguise and you can begin your family a bit early than previously planned. If you know of someone who desperately wishes to have a child but are physically unable to do so, consider giving your child to them once he or she is born. In this way, you will be able to aid a friend or family member while ensuring your child is cared for and given all available opportunities. In many instances, you will be able to maintain some part in the child’s life, although not one of a parent. Finally, consider giving your child up for adoption after birth to a loving family. The adoption option will allow you to give birth to the child even if you do not have the means to keep him or her.