Addiction Information and Help Page

What does the word addiction mean to you? The text definition states it as a dependence and leads us on to believe it is a state of physiological or psychological dependence on a drug liable to have damaging effect. However, it does not always pertain to street drugs or alcohol. The word loosely translates as a great interest in something.

There is a variety of behavioral compulsive interest classified as addictions. It may be to the Internet. Yes, believe it or not there are people out there truly trying to get from A-Z and spend countless hours of their days devoted to searching the Internet. Not searching for anything in particular, but psychologically dependent and attached to the Internet. “Internet Junkies,” suffer some of the same withdrawal as a recovering drug abuser or cigarette smoker.

Another example is sexual junkies. People, maybe most are over attracted to sex. Some, however, more than others. As research will state, most men who search and pay prostitutes for sex regularly, usually have an addiction to sex. If prosecuted in court, a judge may refer and demand the individual to seek professional counseling.

Let us not exclude some other more recognizable addictions, such as: food,pills, and gambling. Though these may not seem as critical as a drugs or alcohol, they are tough habits to kick. It is a day by day task for individuals with addiction problems. It never seems like life is moving fast enough. However, if you know someone you may suspect with any of the above conditions, consult someone immediately, even if it is only minor. All habits including drugs grow worse if untreated. It is important to recognize a problem and seek professional advice immediately in order to gain control over the situation.

Usually, this condition is a reaction to some sort of unhappiness or life changing event. Speaking with a professional may be the perfect antidote. There are several listings that can be found on the Internet regarding the topic. Research, learn and apply!

*Article by Anthony France