Allergies, Their Causes Symptoms and Treatment

Allergies are very common in this day and age and the cause can be very hard to define without medical tests.

On this page we briefly describe common symptoms and causes followed by links to our full articles on this subject, each links opens a new window showing the full article.

One of the most common health conditions in our modern society. There are thousands of triggers that can add fuel to the fire of an allergy. They come in different shapes and sizes and affect individuals in many different ways.

This occurs when your body has an adverse reaction to a foreign substance. It can erupt as a skin inflammation, sinus congestion, and respiratory symptoms. Your body believes that a certain substance you have come in contact with is harmful. It perceives this as a foreign body and forms histamines against the unknown substance.

This can be the result of different triggers. One example is food. Food can be suspected when one consumes a food that quickly results in gas, bloating, and diarrhea. It can be more severe with swelling of the face, lips, and throat. This type of swelling closes the airway and can send a person into anaphylactic shock. This type of shock can be fatal.

Another type involves your nasal passages. This can be referred to as seasonal. When the pollen or mold count in your environment increases, your nasal tracts act up. This usually consist of itchy red eyes and a runny nose. Very often accompanied by sneezing and wheezing as well.

Another type involves your skin. When you are allergic to something your skin can form hives and become inflamed. For some people, the inflammation is a chronic condition known as eczema. You can also have contact dermatitis. Your skin has formed a adverse reaction to certain fabrics in your clothing.

Nickel and wool are common offenders in contact dermatitis. Avoid wearing costume jewelry that contains nickel. Wash clothes thoroughly in a hypoallergenic laundry detergent such as Dreft.

You can also form an allergy to skin and environmental irritants. These irritants are the potent chemicals that are found in cleaning products. If a skin irritant is the major reason then eliminating the use of that chemical can greatly benefit your situation. If eliminating the chemical is not possible then you can wear safety gear such as latex gloves.

*Article by Anthony France