Blood Pressure: What You Need to Know!

Blood pressure is the pressure exerted on the walls of the vessels. It usually indicates arterial pressure, ( pressure in the larger arteries) The pressure of the in other vessels such as the smaller arteries, veins or capillaries is lower than the arterial pressure.

The peak pressure in the arteries is the systolic pressure, and the lowest pressure is the diastolic pressure. The latter is during the resting phase or the time between two successive beats when the heart is at rest. Typical values for the arterial blood pressure of a resting, healthy adult are approximately 120 for systolic and 80 for diastolic. This however is subjected to large individual variations.

The pressure is not static, but undergoes natural variations from one heartbeat to another or throughout the day. It is also affected by stress, nutritional factors, medication and even health conditions

High and low pressure is when there is a variation in the above values. When the readinga is higher for the values we say the person is suffering from high blood pressure. A rise in pressure is not considered healthy since it may lead to conditions of stroke, cardiovascular and even kidney problems.

Low pressure is not a healthy situation either , since it may also lead to symptoms of dizziness or fatigue. No single reason has been assigned for variations in ones blood pressure. However life style, food habits and even geographical locations are pointed out as factors for this.

It is possible to a large extent to control your condition through various methods. A healthy eating habit is a good start. Good eating habits will make you lose excess weight which will also lower your blood pressure and cholesterol. Fried foods, starch and fatty foods are best avoided, and a healthy intake of fresh fruits and vegetables is a recommended substitute.

Light exercises which do not overstrain you on a daily routine is excellent for burning out excess fat from your body. Your exercises should be in accordance with your age and physical condition. An early morning walk or a jog down the street can work wonders for your condition.

Though smoking is not believed to directly affect blood pressure, it causes the arteries to narrow. This can then lead to elevated pressure and eventually to heart attacks. Quit smoking. This is one big step you can take to protect your health overall.