The Different Types of Eczema

“Types of Eczema”

Do you catch yourself persistently scratching at your elbow? Is your skin dry, red, and maybe even cracked? Have you always had these types of red patches on your skin and you don’t what they are? If you have dry, flaking, irritated skill you may suffer from a skin condition known as eczema.

It comes in many forms. For example, different stimuli and factors cause different types of this condition. Not sure which form you may be suffering from? Read on to learn about the various types of this skin condition and their possible causes and treatments.

What are the different forms of of this condition?

The most prevalent form is atopic. People that suffer from atopic type condition also tend to have problems with asthma and hay fever. Their skin persistently feels hot and itchy. Scratching temporarily relieves the problem, but can cause the skin to crack and even bleed.

When you use household cleaners do your hands become red and inflamed?

If they do then you may suffer from the irritant contact dermatitis another form of the condition.
Does your skin react to the nickel in your belt buckle or earrings leaving red patches on the related skin areas? In this case you most likely have allergic contact dermatitis.

Do you have dry, flaky skin on your scalp that appears to be mild dandruff? This is referred to as seborrhoeic eczema. While this condition originates on your scalp it can trickle down into your ears, chest, and face. Seborrhoeic type condition can also affect babies. It is commonly referred to as “cradle cap”. Cradle cap tends to clear up on its own within a few months.

In some cases, the condition can appear suddenly. For example, you may notice nickel shaped areas on your trunk. They are itchy and may even produce a fluid substance. This is known as discoid eczema.

Another type is the varicose type condition. The Varicose condition affects the legs. The ankle region is affected primarily. This form of the disease can arise due to poor circulation in the legs. It is vital to treat this type of eczema immediately because if ignored an ulcer can form.

It is a good idea to see a doctor if you have dry, irritated skin that won’t clear up with moisture cream. Your doctor can properly diagnose the type of skin condition you suffer from and provide treatment options. Eczema is a manageable auto-immune skin condition if you take the time to seek out treatment.

*Article by Anthony France