Fertility: Natural Ways to Improve Your Chances

Fertility in general refers to a couple’s chances of becoming pregnant. Even though pregnancy may not happen right away, if both a man and a woman are fertile, they will conceive a child eventually.

Certain factors play a key role in determining your chances of conceiving. In case of a woman she must produce a viable egg during each menstruation cycle. While in case for a man he must be able to produce strong and healthy sperm that can fertilize this egg. The process of conceiving may sound easy, but is quite complicated.

This is mainly because of the so many factors that play an important role in contributing to this process. Some of the most prominent reasons like diet, exercise and overall health all have a huge impact on your chances of becoming pregnant. This is one of the reasons why many couples in the United States face problems and in fact, it is found that about one in six American couples have difficulty conceiving a child.

Role of a diet:

Although it appears unbelievable, eating a right diet plays an important role in the body’s ability to conceive . A balanced diet not only helps to regulate hormones and nourish your reproductive system but also helps in maintaining a healthy weight, which can greatly impact on your chances. Usually it has observed that underweight or overweight women may have a harder time becoming pregnant because body fat levels impact the production of sex hormones. So it is particularly important to include certain specific vitamins and minerals in the diet.

The list may include Vitamin C and Antioxidants to prevent sperm defects and boost sperm motility and also to reduce stress on eggs and reproductive organs, zinc as its deficiencies have been linked with reduced testosterone and semen levels, calcium and vitamin d a daily therapeutic dose of these nutrients have been shown to help increase male fertility.


*Article by Anthony France