Knowing First Aid Can Save Lives!

First aid

Life is never a bed of roses, so that’s why you try and provide the cushions to break the fall and prevent the pain as much as you can, especially when your loved ones are concerned. But why take a chance at all by waiting for accidents to happen to them and then you running helter shelter for remedies! Know your first aid tips and be ready for any and every accident. Be it a normal cut or a burn wound or even a broken bone –This knowledge is something, which will never go waste once you acquire it. Kids get hurt while playing, your grandpa starts choking over a small piece of mutton, your mum may suffer burns while cooking, you may clip yourself to the file accidentally instead of the papers – a lot might happen in fraction of seconds. Don’t be caught in a situation where a little general knowledge of first aid could have saved a lot of distress but was not the case since you didn’t know what to do.

Steps to be followed

The basic stipulation for first aid is to have a ‘First Aid Kit’. You should know what to stock in your Kit. Here’s a list to give you an example of how your first aid kit should be stocked:

* First Aid manual.

* Sterilized gauze.

* Adhesive tape and bandages in several sizes for various cuts and wounds.

* Antiseptic lotions soap and wipes.

* Superfluous recommended medicines.

* Tweezers.

* Sharp scissors.

* Safety pins.

* Calamine lotion.

* Flashlight, extra batteries and rope.

* Plastic gloves.

* List of emergency phone numbers

* Ample of tissue papers or hand towels.

The above list will be sufficient for starters. But once you get to know through experience on family outings, which member has what specific phobias it will become mandatory for you to include that explicit medicine in your kit for the person.

Kit specifications

Make sure the box, which you use for your First Aid Kit, is preferably a plastic one. It should be big enough to contain all the indispensable items and compact enough to fit into your car or your picnic back. It should be durable, strong, easy to open, offer generous space and be light weight. Do not forget to keep updating the kit at regular intervals. You should keep a regular check on the expiry dates of the medicines you have amassed in it. Refreshing the stock is of utmost important to maintain a fully stocked kit.