Laser Surgery is Gaining Popularity

Laser Surgery

Christopher Globe, a down town resident in Washington D.C. had varicose vein eating his head out and was just pushing days with pain killers and hanging himself upside down (well…almost) at bed. This as he himself admitted was for a combination of reasons. His fear for surgery and the leave he had to take for the surgery and the subsequent recuperative rest and the sundry hassles, all made him swallow the pain for himself and languish as if nothing was wrong. All these ended when he learned of the laser surgery which was less painful and with very low healing periods. Today he is a happy man after the treatment that he underwent. He takes no more takes pain killers and he has thrown suspenders he used to hang his legs by to corner in his garage. Laser Surgery as an option of therapeutic mode was initially tried in the early 1970s. By the year 1985 it had almost established a place as a dependable mode in the medical fraternity. During the period various establishments and professionals have contributed to the development of various techniques and their perfection. Today it is available for surgery of predominantly eye, skin, and prostate.

It is extensively used in refractive correction (vision correction) with minimal pain and recovery period. You can go through a host of these procedures from the just mentioned one to LASEK, PRK and SLKs and ALKs used in treatment of Glaucoma. this treatment also used in cosmetics has opened up a new avenue of options for the aspirants. Earlier what used to be a horrific conventional surgery for anti wrinkles has made way for the more in thing that is this type of surgery. With computerized precise control of its wave length can remove your delicate upper skin with wrinkles and fine lines around your eyes without harming the under lying dermis. It is said that it helps natural growth of collagen.

It is also helpful in the treatment of kidney stones, hemorrhoid and the like. Especially this treatment has found its importance in a big way in the cataract removal.

Though it doesn’t qualify to be called as Laser Surgery, it finds popularity in hair removal and the treatment of acne. The acne causing bacteria (preprionobacterium acnes) is vaporized by the beam and then the same beam is used on the sebaceous (skin oil) glands to shrink them in size permanently thereby resulting in reduced or no chances of acne. This is quick and more effective than most conventional procedures. You can almost find it used in every medical fields. Dental, endoscopic surgery, you name and you have it there.

This treatment method is gaining popularity among professionals as well as acceptance from the patients. The points that concern patients about surgery have been addressed well recently and the FDA approval to laser devices and the clinical trials over a sustained period have effectively proven the efficacy of it in treatment. Further from points of view of patients like you and I, little or no pain and lower recovery time (most of the times on an out patient basis) has really gone to make the concept stick on.