What is Menopause; For A Woman Menopause Can Be Both An Ending And A Beginning

For a woman menopause can be a miserable, frightening experience. Not only does it seem that her body has turned on her, often it can seem as if her mind has too. To make matters worse, many women have heard horror stories of their mother’s or another woman’s experiences. This can mean that for a woman it can become a monster way before she actually begins to go through it herself.

Fortunately, for the average woman it does not have to be a horrifying experience, nor does she have to suffer as perhaps her grandmother and mother did. Today there are a multitude of treatments that can ensure it is much easier to cope with. So today for a woman menopause does not have to be something to be endured with gritted teeth, but can be gotten through easily with the right care.

And there’s no question that to a woman menopause can be a bit depressing. There is probably no other phase of a woman’s life that is more demanding on her body or that so clearly shows she’s aging. The proof of aging alone is enough to make a woman get more emotional than normal. To many women it also causes a grieving phase because having babies is no longer possible.

Also, to a woman it can also bring many physical conditions with it that must be coped with. Parts of a woman’s menopause that can be extremely difficult to deal with are fatigue, urinary tract problems, lack of mental clarity, weight gain or weigh loss, low libido, mood swings, and the, oh, so dreaded hot flashes and night sweats. That’s why it’s important for a woman in menopause to get adequate rest and eat a proper diet.

Still for a woman it can also be the beginning of a wonderful new phase in her life. Most every woman rejoices over no longer having monthly periods. Many women who have gone through it say they feel freer and more content. For one woman it made it possible for her to pursue an entirely new way of living. She went back to college, earned a teaching degree, and now works as a kindergarten teacher, a dream she’d had for years but was too busy for before going through menopause. To any woman it can be both an end and a beginning. While she may have no control over the ending, it’s entirely up to her to choose just what that beginning will be.