Pregnancy – The Journey of Life

Of all the events that happen in a woman’s life, pregnancy is one of those requiring the most adjustment. From the moment she first learns of the baby’s existence within her, a woman embarks on a journey that leads from realization that she carries new life, until she holds that new life in her arms for the first time, and a new journey begins.

It is divided into three trimesters, each of around 12-15 weeks. Each trimester has its destination milestones which are eagerly anticipated and joyfully crossed off on the mother’s calendar.

The first trimester is often the most anxious time for a new mother-to- be. This is where things can go wrong, the pregnancy fail and the baby lost. For many women, getting through this first trimester is the happiest milestone other than holding the baby after the birth! The first trimester is also the time for having the worst of the symptoms.

The first part of the journey allows the baby to settle into the womb. This means major adjustments for body of the mother-to-be. If this is her first baby, she will begin to experience a lack of control over her body for the first time as it now becomes the life support system of her baby. Morning sickness, fatigue, headaches, mood swings, heartburn, and even fainting are all part of the body adjusting to its new status.

During the second trimester, the mommy-to-be is usually more relaxed. Many of the negative symptoms disappear, tests have been done and all things point towards her bringing a healthy baby into the world and she begins to relax and enjoy the journey with her growing bump which she will possibly know as being a girl or boy, and begin bonding with by calling it by the name of the baby.

The third and final stage or trimester sees both joyful anticipation as a nesting urge takes over and mommy-to-be creates space in her life to accommodate the baby who will soon be in her arms, and also nervous anticipation of the birth destination she must pass in order to hold that baby. With increased visits to ante- natal care, this trimester usually passes quickly and only begins to feel lengthy when baby is late in arriving!

The journey is a special period for both of a baby’s parents, but especially for a mother-to-be as she travels every second of the journey with her unborn child, eagerly waiting for the day it comes into the world and they can see each other for the first time.